Materials for the Mill, Foundry & Metal Refiner

Injection, Trim & Charge Carbons/Graphite Solutions

In the heart of our mill and ferrous foundry offerings are the Injection, Trim & Charge Carbons/Graphite. These high-quality materials are integral to the functioning and efficiency of your operations, and we provide them with the assurance of our trusted service.

Arc Furnace Electrodes

We offer Arc Furnace Electrodes as part of our variety of products for melting and refining. From the standard 8 – 16” DIA to smaller custom sizes per your specific needs, no matter what, we provide cost-effective solutions for your foundry, refiner, or mill requirements.

Furnace Metal Cover Graphite/Carbons for Copper/Brass Applications

Our wide array of In-house Screened or Milled Synthetic & Natural Graphites, provide reliable Furnace Metal Cover solutions for Copper/Brass applications. These materials are offered from a variety of standard sizes or we can customize, even blend to offer optimal performance for your specific needs.

Carbon Black and Charcoal

Our portfolio also includes a variety of Carbon Black options as well as granule and lump charcoal to cater to your mill and foundry needs. Each product is processed meticulously to ensure optimal performance in your operation.


We offer Alumina Powders for your refining operation.  This includes mid to high grade, based on your process requirements and cost objectives.  Either way, we’re your best source for this material.

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